Product name:HT-3600E

Update time:2011.07.07

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 Model  Engine type   Borextroke(mm)  Displacement(ml)  Engine  model  Start model Ignition system  Gasoline and oil mix Rate  Fuel tank capacity(l)  Engine oil sysrem capacity Fuel consumption  Rated voltage(v)  ACfrequency(Hz/Rpm) Rated Output(W)  Maximum  Power output(W) Continuous operating time(H) Noiselevel lwadb(A)  DCoutput(V/A)  nw/gw(KG) DIM(1XMXH)(MM)
HT-3600E OHV4-stroke,aircooled,Single-cylinder OHV  68X45    196  168f-1  Manual  C.D.L  Pure Gasolin  15  0.6  365G/KW.H  110/220  (60/3600)/(50/3000)  2700/2500  3000/2800  10.3/13  68/65   12v/8.3A 40/42  605X440X440
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